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first go to http://bux.to/?r=replikteam adress, and click "register" button on right top of the page.

choose your username
write a password
write your working email ( because they are sending messages to you by using email, before they pay money )
confirm your email again
write your email for alertpay ( this is what i say )
select your country,
and type replikteam to Referrer (if any) section. <---lasazti replikteam!!

accept terms and conditions , write security code, and it finishes.

then login with your username and password click " surf ads " link on top of the page, and start clicking ads for earning money easy each links takes 30 second .

you'll see all the explanations on the website.

this is all you need for earning money on internet

This is the very simple and smartest way to make mony . They automaticly transferring your money to paypal account every mounth.
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vrei bani intra aici
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