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 May 22nd Releases!

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MesajSubiect: May 22nd Releases!   Lun Iun 15, 2009 9:29 am

Greetings Adventurer!

We have an exciting weekend in store for you! But first, the Artix Entertainment Team is hosting a two-hour panel at Jacon this Saturday! Meet the team in person as we babble endlessly and embarrass ourselves while answering questions, revealing secrets, and inevitably luring you into punting Moglins!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO
Are you ready to battle the first Lord of Chaos? Now that you have defeated the dreaded Hydra, the time has come to confront Escherion! He’s mean, he’s annoyed, and he’s dressed in purple—it doesn’t get any worse than that! Adding insult to injury, you’ve knocked over his upside-down Tower of Relativity and he’s not thrilled one bit (you were just trying to do him a favor by making the thing right-side up)! You have seen what Escherion is capable of doing (i.e. the town of Mobius) and you must act quickly; Lore is in danger of becoming inverted! The time has come to put an end to his reign of Chaos, but don’t expect him to be a pushover…
Escherion has had an “eye” on you for some time now. He knows what you are capable of, and he’s already made the necessary preparations needed for your defeat. And there’s something peculiar about his Staff of Inversion... but, it’s just a staff, right… right?! You and your friends will have to work together to bring down the first Lord of Chaos; this will be a battle like no other. But you must not give up! The fate of Lore is resting in your able hands!

If you haven’t begun this legendary adventure yet, please make haste to Mobius and speak to either Renn or Zio at the town’s gate. They will give you the quests needed to send Escherion back to… wherever he came from!
Play now at www.AQ.com!

Remember your first trip to GEARS University… the exciting feeling you had when you first boarded the dropship… that exhilarating sensation the first time you engaged in battle… and the explosive frenzy of your first mecha battle? Well, now the ride to GEARS is going to get even more exciting: we have added new quests along the way! We are also incorporating a lot of new interface changes to help make the game more accessible to new players!

If you were AFK on Wednesday, we had another mini-release: Major Braddock Steele now has the option to select how many enemies you want to fight when replaying the suicide mission. Hopefully you have already completed this mission, because you’ll need to in order to unlock this new option! Also, we have added a bunch of new items in Tek's Dropship Shops! Don’t be the only Mecha without your shiny new Starfires, NUBER missiles, and Rocket Chainsaws! Also, a new Level 33 Sniper Chassis was added to Lagos shops, and its RARE weapons are now in Lagos Duck Dive.
Play now at www.MechQuest.com!

New Facebook Feature! We just added a TON of new MechQuest Achievements to the Facebook version of MechQuest! Now, when you do something completely awesome (like blowing up the Galactic Universo for the first time...) you can show it off to all of your friends!
Play now at www.Facebook.com!

Quests are going to get a little heated this week! A new chain to the ArchKnight quest has been added, where Ash is headed to a volcano in hopes of rescuing ANOTHER princess... well, what he thinks is a princess... For the new Popsprocket quest, you must travel back to Oaklore and talk to Rolith. You will have to try and recruit the Pactoganol Knights in order to help Yix and the Gnomes. Unfortunately, Rolith and his men are dealing with a monstrous invasion of their own! Find a way to clear up those baddies so you can bring Rolith and his Knights on your Popsprocket quest!

Holy (chicken)Cow! Have you completed the Zeuster Chain yet? Finishing all the quests will enable you to purchase the Evolved ChickenCowLord armor! This heavenly suit matches nicely with your entire wardrobe and can be found in the Armor Merge Shop, ran by Valencia.

Memorial Day is Monday! What better way to show your spirit than dressing up in Memorial Flair!
Play now at www.DragonFable.com!

Have you been preparing yourself for the Absolix Finale? All of the bosses have been summoned to No Man's Land and are ready to engage in an epic battle-royal. With all the bosses present, it can only mean one thing... all of the rewards and drops are available! What is cooler than defeating legendary villains and collecting awesome loot? ...nothing? I thought so! Equip your best gear and head to No Man's Land to partake in the triumphant finale!

As if Absolix summoning baddies from the past wasn't diabolical enough, Mayhem and Carnage are up to their old tricks! They have summoned the deadly War Incarnate to Lore! Only with your help were we able to keep War's officers at bay. But now, he's unleashed the baddest of the bad... his colonels! You can find this quest by using the Event button or by visiting DragonSpine on the Travel Map.
Play now at www.BattleOn.com!
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May 22nd Releases!
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