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 May 29th Releases! Loaded with Pictures!

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MesajSubiect: May 29th Releases! Loaded with Pictures!   Lun Iun 15, 2009 9:27 am

Greetings Adventurer!

Keeping busy and staying caffeinated is our motto here at Artix Entertainment. The entire Team has been working hard on producing a weekend of a million releases (okay, so maybe not a million, but close)! With the declaration of war in every game and the release of new items, quests, and monsters, we hope to bring you one of the most memorable weeks ever!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO
Oh NO! The Undead Empire has declared war on Lore! And we thought things would begin to settle down after defeating Escherion, too! I suppose undead skeletons never rest, and as such, neither can you! Chug some Mountain Dew and heavily arm yourself while prepare for battle. You and your friends must team up and put a stop to the seemingly endless barrage of the Undead before it’s too late! Gather Defender Medals from your victims to help ensure victory for not only you and your teammates, but for Lore herself!

Even though a war is raging, school is almost out which means… GRADUATION! Show your “out-of-school-spirit” with everything from Graduation Gowns to Diploma Weapons to Owl Pets that drop confetti as they fly! Ooooh… sparkly! We are also re-writing the Book of Lore to make it more useful because… well… let’s face it, there’s A LOT of pages missing!
Play now at www.AQ.com!

Sound the alarm, it’s WAR! Now that you have rescued Princess Robina from the Pirates, the Arthurians are proceeding with their full-scale invasion of Planet Lagos! Prince Robert is leading the assault and Princess Robina is calling the shots from behind enemy lines. Recent reports indicate that the pirates' legendary leader, the Dread Pirate Rhubarb, has returned to defend the pirate town of Crow's Nook from falling into Arthurian hands! Rhubarb's first mate, the vicious Captain Barbarosa, is leading the offensive against the Arthurians! Is their combined power enough to save the pirates?

This will be a large scale war in which YOU will be creating the final chapters of Planet Lagos! The pirates are fighting for their freedom… and the Arthurians are fighting for justice! Which side will you choose?
Play now at www.MechQuest.com!

Hurry! Grab your poles and lures, because a new fishing spot has just opened! Travel to the outskirts of DoomWood for a fishing trip you’ll never forget! The scenery is... hauntingly beautiful while the fish are so… eager to meet you! From Go Fish to Fishsticks to the elusive Ninja Starfish, DoomWood could be considered paradise to those who enjoy a dark, secluded fishing spot… or to those who are part vampire.
What’s cooler than a life-sized robot? …A life-sized time-traveling robot! While you and Yix engage in a lengthy conversation about how to defeat Balthar and Sepulchure in the upcoming war, a robot from the future comes to visit! Unfortunately for you, this robot does not bare good news; in order to protect all life—and unlife—on Lore, you must destroy the Cyklons before they initiate their “termination” sequence!

The Evolved Chickencow Lord Armor will FINALLY be available this week in Valencia’s shop. The outfit was supposed to hit shelves last week, but due to a recall on the required thread, the Armor was manufactured a week late. You will need to be a Dragon Amulet holder AND have a normal Chickencow Armor in order to purchase this couture outfit.

In the ArchKnight quests, Ash is going to a particularly-familiar castle to rescue yet another princess! Beware of the fire flowers, though… I hear that if you feed those to anything, they’ll spit fireballs!
Play now at www.DragonFable.com!

What is 33% Zard, 33% Hunter, and 33% Chain? That’s right, you guessed it: the Zardhunter Quest Chain! Accompanying you on your quest, the Zardhunter and you begin searching for the new type of magically-altered Zard. Along the way, your traveling buddy gets gobbled up by the Num-Num and it’s up to YOU to save him. Yes, yes, that means you have to venture into monster’s body! GROSS! But you’re too big to fit. So, naturally, the use of Drakel technology enables you to shrink to microscopic size and IN YAH GO! Inside the monster’s bowels, you will encounter new enemies, fantastic rewards, and even a minigame!
Coming Saturday, June 13th, at 12 PM (noon) server time, a connected series of quests will be released one part at a time, involving a mystery and an in-game voting system! This voting system will allow YOU to participate in the outcome of the event! The live version of the event will be repeated (with possibly different outcomes based on YOUR votes!) at 2 PM server time and 4 PM server time on the same day. If you miss the live version of the event, it will be available as a complete quest chain after the live event versions are completed. The event will feature MULTIPLE new enemies, new rewards, and even the debut of a brand new NPC! Don’t miss it!
Play now at www.BattleOn.com!
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May 29th Releases! Loaded with Pictures!
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