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 =AQ= Ballyhoo Information

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Go from the 'Upgrades and Special Offers' link in the main town scene.
Then click the "Ballyhoo" button.

* The main current reward is gold and a sometimes randomly Z-Tokens. The gold reward is scaled to your character's level.

* The ballyhoo day counter resets at Midnight server time, just like the daily gold and XP caps reset at midnight.

* The gold you earn by watching ads does count as gold earned for the daily caps, just like gold rewards from monster battles.
However: if you have already reached your cap, you can still watch up to 3 ads, and go over your cap a little bit.

If it makes sense for a particular sponsor, we may add access to special shops, unique monsters, or even unique quests.
These would be things that somehow go along with a sponsor's advertisement AND make sense inside the game.
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=AQ= Ballyhoo Information
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