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 =June 12th Releases!=

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Beleen reporting in! This week has been truly unforgettable! First of all, the extremely talented J6 flew in Monday night and has been inspiring the Team with his amazing work since! Artix was floored when J6 presented him with a hand-carved statue depicting the Paladin himself! How cool! Along with J6 designing the artwork for the ENTIRELY new Whodunit Zone in AQ Worlds, Cysero was eager to announce DragonFable’s Third Birthday! The DF Team has been working diligently in order to make this a Birthday nothing but spectacular!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO
Battling countless monsters day in and day out takes its toll. All you want to do now is kick your feet up and relax, right? We have the perfect getaway for you: The SleuthHound Inn! This beautiful 30+ room Inn is Lore’s oldest hotel and is celebrating its grand re-opening starting this weekend! Twilly has a Guest Pass that will grant you a free room at the Inn… but this vacation is nothing like you have experienced before! The Inn has many secrets waiting for you—324 secrets, actually—so throw on your sleuth hat and grab a notebook, because you’re about to embark on a massive Whodunit Mystery Quest!

There is only one way for you to save the beloved Chuckles from the un-un-dead… by convincing Death to bring him back to life! But Death is a very busy person and will not revive Chuckles just because you beg and plead; you will have to show Death how serious you are! The Team produced only a few T-Shirts to support the cause, and if you get one, it will unlock the in-game “Skull of Chuckles”! This is the only way to bring Chuckles back to life-ish! Click here to let the laughter live on!
Play now at www.AQ.com!

There is drama on the high seas… the Arthurian versus Pirates War is still ranging on! Last week, you encountered a mysterious pilot who crashed in the middle of the battle field… but, who is this guy? Whose side is he on? And why does Captain Rhubarb seen to know more than he is letting on? You will uncover the answers to many secrets this weekend while the exciting war continues! New missions will be introduced, including frontline battle missions with powerful new Arthurian and Pirate opponents. Rare war items will be added to the reward shops, too!

If you missed it, on Wednesday we had a mini-release! Valor Badge Rewards are finally implemented (we just made you wait to build the suspense)! You may now trade in your valor badges for special rewards weapons in wars! Our first Valor reward items are the powerful Arthurian Halberd and the deadly Pirate Cutlass, which may be upgraded to higher levels using valor badges!
Play now at www.MechQuest.com!

Happy Third Birthday!
Throw on your party hats and bring out the cake… it’s DragonFable’s third birthday! And to celebrate, the baby dragons have graduated into toddlers! With a larger size and bigger eye ridges, the toddlers also have a "Skip Attack" option for when you're fighting enemies of the wrong element! We are also releasing multiple cutscenes—that’s the icing on the cake!

The Fire War Saga is getting heated! There is only one way to defeat Akriloth… may I suggest equipping a parka? You'll need to travel north with Demento to find an ice weapon in order to become victorious! We are getting closer and closer to releasing the Technomancer armor, too! I hope you are as excited as we are!
Play now at www.DragonFable.com!

Saturday is quickly approaching, and you know what that means… AdventureQuest is going LIVE! Use the Event Button in town to follow a connected series of quests that will be released one part at a time! This includes a mystery and an in-game voting system that allows YOU to participate in the outcome of this event! It will all be controlled manually behind the scenes here at Artix Entertainment. This live version of the event will be repeated (with possibly different outcomes based on YOUR votes) at 2 PM server time and 4 PM server time on the same day. If you miss the live version of the event, it will be available as a complete quest chain after the live event versions are completed. The event will feature MULTIPLE new enemies, new rewards, and even the debut of a brand new NPC!

Ever wanted to learn the history behind dark beings? Head to Darkovia on the Travel map and the Dracopyre Legacy area to find the next chapter in the Hall of Memories—it’s the first door! Expand your knowledge of Vampires, Werewolvs, Werepyres and Dracopyres! Also, you will become eel-ated when you discover Aria's newest weapon in her pet shop! We call it Eel-On-A-Stick. It's a giant living eel—almost as big as you—that you wield in battle! Don't even think about whispering the word "sushi" around him, though.
Play now at www.BattleOn.com!

Set right after the Devourer Saga in AdventureQuest, WarpForce takes you away from the world of Lore and into the depths of space. Your mission: destroy the galaxy-spanning organization of evil aliens dubbed the Network. At first, it seemed like the Network worked for the Devourer, but it is becoming clearer that they have their own plans—including nothing less than taking over everything!
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=June 12th Releases!=
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